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Call (318) 436-2720 or send us a note. If calling, let our team know that you would like to schedule an assessment.

We do not offer detox on-site at our Marion, LA campus. LaArk Recovery will make referrals to nearby detox facilities. For information call (318) 436-2720 or send us a note.

  • Louisiana Medicaid
  • State Funding for Indigent Clients
  • Some private insurances
  • Private Pay (Cash, Check or Credit Card)
  • Louisiana Driver’s License or I.D.
  • Louisiana Medicaid card (if applicable)
  • Louisiana Driver’s License or I.D. card
  • Louisiana Medicaid

For a complete, printable list of what you can and cannot bring to our facility, click here.

Each individual seeking admission must bring a 30-day supply of all prescribed medications.  Each medication will be evaluated by our Nursing staff to determine whether it is appropriate for you to take during treatment.

If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call ahead so the Admissions team can make arrangements to accommodate you. Thank you.

Yes, after admission a client is allowed to make one phone call to inform family they are alright, and it will be 5 days before they can use the phone again. After the 5 days, clients are allowed a 10-minute call each day during leisure time. Other calls (attorney, PO, etc.) can be made with staff approval.

Family visitation and family therapy sessions may be arranged by the client with their counselor if it is deemed appropriate by the treatment team. Visitation is available on a limited basis. All visitation is supervised. Clients with children between the ages of 3 and 12 years of age, who are legally married and have full custody are encouraged to request and schedule one family session during their treatment at LaArk Recovery. Visitation for inpatient rehab is generally scheduled as available on a Saturday or a Sunday.

You may bring cigarettes, cash, and any clothing or toiletry item that they may need.

Smoking tobacco is allowed in designated areas outside the buildings.

Yes, but you must surrender your keys to the staff, and you will not be permitted to go to your vehicle while in treatment. Your keys will be returned when you are discharged.

Televised programs are permitted on special occasions with staff approval. Books for pleasure also require staff approval.

Yes, vending machines are located on the premises.

Wedding rings and wristwatches are the only jewelry allowed. Cosmetics are permitted in moderation but may be prohibited by your counselor.


Each day is another chance to change the course of your life. If you are ready to take control of your life, we are here to support you.

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